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In the selection of long real hair wigs, round face sister paper can also try riuzzi bangs, Qi Liu Haixiao thin to, because in the long hair in a certain extent, set off the length of the face.Similarly, small round face sister paper recommended this very popular with Korean Air bangs, particularly smart, with light brown hair, and more fashionable.Black long hair to make a round face sister paper a little more retro, but after curled tail hair especially fluffy, the lovely round face looks more exquisite.Style7 this is a hair perm real hair  wigs, long hair curly wigs tail, bangs in good repair Yan effect, not only with also temperament.Style 8 Buckle Shoulder Weijuan hair design collocation, partial bangs, a perfect face, it is suitable for the face is not so perfect woman, Hair Coloring adds a sense of fashion.Style 9 fluffy hair perm hair, dark Hair Coloring collocation, fresh and sweet, short bangs, let the face look not too short, it is suitable for a round face girl oh.The straight long  real hair wigs  is always the goddess fan full. Red wine Hair Coloring design let girls fully reveal the characteristics of the skin white and beautiful, and the 46 oblique bangs adds a charming and elegant temperament, long straight hairstyle is really smart and supple and elegant, delicate and charming human hair wigs for white women style.Do not underestimate the length 5cm of the shoulder, the youthful vitality of  real hair wigs . It is Qi Liuhai or stereotyped than well behaved, no rules will be fluffy bangs weapon you by age. Although the fashionable lob real hair wigs  look messy chaos, but is the essence of the hair.Long brown lob on white, the perfect hair curled valgus disorderly feeling together, not only for girls. She becomes very small face and personality charm oh. Just perfect 5cm length, combined with the winter dress, will bring a sense of leisure.In the length of this length can be said to be the best, but also the most paulayoungwigs for white  women like the tail just enough to put in the chest, changing the color increase after the air sense of maturity turned big sister, but at the same time without losing the sense of sweetness .In the longest hair in the most simple buckle real hair wigs , no matter how long your hair or how points, resulting in the buckle after all seem particularly gentle, hair to increase a little layering looks slim.Small fresh a neat bangs short hair, hide eyebrow Qi Liuhai highlights the girl beautiful eyes, flaxen real hair wigs   Coloring foil white color, close to the cheeks Xiu Yan was tender, very fresh.Pretty neat bangs short hair girl looks fluffy collocation let Meng Meng Da, brown Hair Coloring will not only  wigs for woman color foil more white, also let the girl looks more sweet temperament.This wave head shape to the woman looks full of personality, Liu Qi collocation buckle hair, not only in the visual face lift, also let the other looks more stylish.The South Korean star with a WOB head, curved C structure modified face even more thin, real hair wigs  color and fashion show 7000kgf, suitable for ol. system capable of pure and lovely  long angled Bob, fastened in the  human hair extensions  tail has a well behaved students head, take the air bangs by age human hair wigs  in winter. The face was a. Warm color is not unique, autumn maple leaf red so you always seem to be sunshine.

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